«Get Going!» 2019

opens up new perspectives

«Get Going!» is a kickoff financing. Four of these contributions of CHF 25,000 each are advertised each year.

«Get Going!» opens up new perspectives:

«Get Going!» should be accessible to as many musical-creative people as possible. Musicians should be restricted as little as possible in their creative ideas.

The four «Get Going!» 2019 go to...

After this year's review of the submissions, the expert jury decided to support the following musicians for their artistic visions with a «Get Going!» contribution of CHF 25,000 each:


Anna Gosteli has made a name for herself beyond the Swiss borders as part of The bianca Story and the duo Chiqanne. Her coaching activities at the «female bandworkshops» and the «Songwritingcamp» of helvetiarockt confirmed her intention to devote more time to her solo work. After her successful children's project «Dr Schnuu und sini Tierli» from 2016, the musician and composer is now pursuing a creative follow-up in this area. The jury was impressed by her talent and supports her emancipatory path to becoming an independent artist.

Anna Gosteli: «Get Going!» Portrait



The freelance composer and musician moves in the creative field of tension between experimental and contemporary music, both in his own formations and as a creator of theatre music. In 2016 Michel Barengo was also awarded the FONDATION SUISA prize for the best game soundtrack («Schlicht»). In a future project, Michel Barengo now wants to broaden his horizons and integrate the diversity of a foreign culture into his work through a trip to Japan. By exploring the Japanese tradition, the lively experimental music scene there and the typical noises that dominate everyday life, Barengo wants to break out of his comfort zone in order to find new perspectives and impressions for his work in the unknown. The clearly formulated idea, which resembles an actual "storyboard", convinced the jury.

Michel Barengo: «Get Going!» Portrait 



The composer and performance artist, who shines on stage as a «Gesamtkunstwerk», won the Demotape Clinic at the m4music in Zurich last year and also delights internationally with her electro compositions from Seville to New York. Now Jessiquoi wants to further develop her innovative stage show in order to raise her status as a creative trendsetter to a new level. The jury sees great career potential in her wild, refreshing and unrestrainedly creative manner to which she deserves support.

Jessiquoi: «Get Going!» Portrait



Félix Bergeron (drummer, percussionist, electronic musician and composer) and Jérémie Zwahlen (choirmaster, arranger and composer) seem to follow two completely different approaches. Both consider the connection between choral music and electronic music to be a broad field of research. Their project is about exploring and merging tradition and experiment in a way that results in an innovative, future-oriented original repertoire. The jury sees great potential for the further development of choral music in this well thought-out and detailed research project.

F. Bergeron & J. Zwahlen: «Get Going!» Portrait



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