WOMEX has been in existence since 1994 and is the most important trade fair for world music.

WOMEX stands for World Music Expo and is the biggest, most important trade fair for all kinds of world music including ethno, traditional and folk. This annual event is not fixed in any one place. The first WOMEX took place in 1994 in Berlin, and has since been held in other cities such as Bruxels, Marseille, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Newcastle, Seville, Copenhagen, Thessalonica, Budapest or Santiago de Compostela.

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    WOMEX 20 Digital Edition
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    WOMEX 20 Digital Edition
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    WOMEX 20 Digital Edition

WOMEX 20 Digital Edition

21–25 October 2020

After the cancellation of the physical event in Budapest (HU) in September 2020, WOMEX launched its first digital edition at short notice.

On schedule, from 21 to 25 October, around 1.130 people logged on to the extended online platform virtualWOMEX to chat, watch films, panels, mentoring sessions and video showcases.

Although this was less than half of the ususal participant numbers, the organisers can claim the WOMEX 20 Digital Edition a respectable success. For, on the one hand, a physical event’s transformation into a digital one is Herculean task even if you have way more time available. On the other hand, the trade faire audience is yet far from “at home” in the online culture. Most of them rather long to get back to physical events as quickly as possible.

In these difficult times, the World Music Expo did many things right. In particular, they tried at no moment to copy-paste the analogue into the virtual world. Instead they looked for ways to make online business offers of the same value, using simple means. How far this worked out eventually is hard to estimate at this point in time. But one thing is for certain: provided the WOMEX survives this crisis, it will have made itself fitter for the future by this effort than many of its competitors.

WOMEX 20 Digital Edition in numbers

  • 1’130 professional delegates from 90 countries
  • 147 video stands
  • 38 showcase acts from 40 different countries
  • 23 conference and mentoring sessions
  • 8 network meetings

The 27th WOMEX is taking place from 27 to 31 October 2021 in Porto (PT).



by moxi