SYMC Swiss Youth Music Competition

The Swiss Youth Music Competition SYMC takes place every year. FONDATION SUISA participates by offering additional prizes at the competition.

The SYMC is the most important national event for promoting music among our youth. The final, in which winners are chosen in the sections classical, jazz and pop/rock, takes place in a different venue each year. All prizewinners in the SYMC “classical” final who excel in performances of Swiss works  are further honoured with a FONDATION SUISA Recognition Prize to the value of CHF 500.-. Applications to participate in the SYMC can be made via the SYMC website.

The SYMC prizewinners 2018

At the 2018 final of the Swiss Youth Music Competition SYMC, FONDATION SUISA once again awarded prizes to the best performances of Swiss works.

In 2018 the final of the SYMC took place in La Chaux-de-Fonds from 3 to 6 May. For the best performances of Swiss music, FONDATION SUISA awarded prizes worth CHF 500.- each to:

  • Ammari Bader⎪Recorder⎪"Suite concertante"⎪Rodolphe Schacher
  • TAF Trio: Antonin Jaccard, François Flammer, Tom Eichenberger⎪ Drums⎪ "Koukoukikou"⎪Lucas Gonseth
  • Julie Hämmerli⎪Transverse flute⎪"Fantaisie Nr. 3"⎪David Philip Hefti
  • Martina Pedrotti⎪Transverse flute⎪"Papierblüten"⎪Ulrich Gasser
  • Margherita Turel⎪Violin⎪"Mullah Nasrudin"⎪Alfred Felder
  • Itana Gowrié⎪Violin⎪"Esquisses pour violon solo: Nr. 1"⎪Peter Wettstein
  • Clara Schlotz⎪Violoncello⎪"Das Buch pour violoncello solo"⎪Péteris Vasks
  • Matthijs Heugen⎪Bugle⎪"Melodien für Solo-Horn"⎪Rudolf Kelterborn
  • Luzi Niederhauser⎪Double bass⎪"Sonata für Kontrabass und Klavier"⎪Paul Hindemith
  • Salome Steinmann⎪Violoncello⎪"7 klingende Skulpturen für Violoncello Solo"⎪Fabian Müller


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