Regulations's extract for individual applications:

The specific prerequisites for a successful application in the individual categories are given in the regulations for applications. Essentially, however, the following conditions apply:

  • All applications must have a reference to today's Swiss music-making.This applies also for projects with a reference to today's music-making in the Principality of Liechstenstein
  • The applications must be usually handed in at least three months before the beginning of the project
  • Applications for financial assistance cannot be made retrospectively
    Applications for assistance can be rejected if the budget submitted seems unbalanced
  • The authors of the project and the participating artists may only be supported for one project per year. At least twelve months must have passed between two submissions
  • Concert tours must usually include at least 5 concerts in three different regions
  • Applicants who are given financial assistance must make concrete reference to having received such assistance for their project from the FONDATION SUISA. The logo of the FONDATION SUISA must also be visible on posters, concert programmes, scores, works of music or in film credits.

We support single projects, such as:

  • concerts/festivals and tours in Switzerland and abroad
  • composition commissions
  • film music compositions
  • promotion of publications by publishing companies (music books or scores)
  • other projects with a reference to today's Swiss music-making

We do not support:

  • the production of sound recordings
  • buying instruments
  • the costs of studying or of further education, nor scholarships
    sound installations
  • general infrastructure costs, operational budgets, annual programms
  • ongresses and forums

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by moxi